Matt Montez is coming to the UK and Playing Beat-Herder Festival 2014 July 18-20th

It’s been confirmed that I will be performing on the Smoky Tentacles Shisha Lounge at this years Beat-Herder Festival 2014.

I will be performing some of my EP En Route and also some of my new material which I’m in the process of recording.

This is the first UK booking, confirming I will be touring the UK and possibly Europe this summer.  I can’t wait to be back on home soil, bringing my music back from Australia and showing my country my sounds.  This looks like it’s gunna be a great festival and I’m looking forward the Smoky Tentacles Lounge sounds trippy! come along check out all the info on the Beat-Herder Festival website and the Smoky Tentacles website.


About Beat-Herder Festival:

The thought, imagination and care that goes into every corner of this festival is astounding, such as beautifully woven tapestries and flower boxes with names of artists, new and old artwork in every corner, award winning food stalls , thoughtful notes and helpful tips for festival goers, a stone circle, a fire pit, even a sword in a stone! It is a festival and a carnival; a parade for things eccentric.

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