All the lyrics to my songs

Thousand Faces lyrics

Treat it right and keep it strong I’m a transistor of love Someone’s got to break the chain of hate and forgive Gotta shift your brain away from insane Ignorance is bliss against a face of distress I’m not gunna let this whole ship burn to the ground. It can […]

Ocean and Me lyrics

Take me to the top of the peak As I start to fall let me feel its energy Let me stroke the waves as I pass by Then let them come crashing down behind my gallant strides Watch me as I ride As soar and glide I ride this wave […]

Destruction lyrics

We borrow this land from our children What will we have left when the rent is due Burdened in our debt no resources when they’re all dead Can’t we see this need for change We are known for our destruction Can’t we find a means to an end Can’t we […]

Don’t Need Sleep lyrics

I’ll be sitting here, while you are sleeping I’ll be sitting here, while you are sleeping Don’t give me your wine, and I’ll be fine I’ll be sitting here, while you are sleeping I don’t need no sleep, I’m gunna fight it I don’t need no sleep, I’m gunna fight […]

Sight From Inside lyrics

Feet down run around been around the whole town Don’t know how to stop only the meaning to go Running up and down the valley straight through the alley Shifting left and right now my head is spinning round and round. In the tree in front the sea, you wanna […]

Monkey Corner lyrics

Plant your roots and spread your seed Fill the world with love not greed What a strange reflection across your face and in your eyes What a strange thought that you can deliver with surprise? There be monkeys in this corner Keep a chimney burning for ya Fill me with […]

En Route lyrics

We ain’t gunna be here forever And not gunna see everything As long as your here beside me I’m not gunna need a thing In the distance I hear them Sounding the drums A battle call is howling Howling out for us We’ve walked down this road forever A dark […]

Once lyrics

You only get one chance To be on this world Unless someone can show me any differently And if you only get one chance What sense would it be To live a life in shadows and in misery Your life is what you make of it The whole worlds there […]